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Creating a first-class web site is just the first step to success on the internet. The second step is getting people to actually visit the site you've created. For without a steady stream of traffic, even the most attractive, content-rich, and architecturally brilliant set of web pages is nothing but a useless collection of ones and zeroes.

There are essentially two ways to draw people to your site: direct marketing and search engines. M3 Enterprises can help you with both.

Direct Marketing

You already have a client database. Let them know your site is live and on the net! At M3 Enterprises, we can not only convert your database into a mailing list for emails and direct-mail pieces, but we can help you secure additional mailing lists at competitive prices, and better organize your prospect information to maximize your marketing efforts.

Internet Search Engines

Most people find web sites through internet search engines like those found on Yahoo, Lycos, Ask Jeeves, and Google. Your success not only depends on being connected to these engines, but in having the best position when search results are posted. (Research shows that most web surfers only consider the first 10 results that a search engine produces.)

We can help you with all aspects of search engine management, including:

  • Identifying the keywords that bring you the most traffic
  • Modifying your web site to advance its rank when search results are posted
  • Determining which search engines are bringing you the most visitors, and why
  • Producing reports that quantify where traffic comes from, and how you rate compared to your competition

Make your web site work has hard as you do. Call M3 Enterprises for all your website marketing support needs today!

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